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FM Conway is a leading family run infrastructure services company that is passionately committed to delivering vital services in transportation, the built environment and open spaces for communities and business.

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Peter Parle - Transport Manager, FM Conway

“It’s been fascinating working with Francis; his passion for road safety is brought to life through this ground-breaking driver training platform.

From its very conception Francis understood the harsh and demanding environment our drivers need to work in. His expertly designed training modules use different virtual reality scenarios to take drivers into complex and uncalled-for situations that they’re likely to encounter on a daily basis.

This extensive and thoughtfully designed training package delivers full driver engagement as opposed to the outmoded power-point offerings of the past”.

Dave Conway - Quality & Environmental Manager, FM Conway

"At last… training has been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century with this remarkable package that enables fleet drivers to experience highways network from a vulnerable users viewpoint whilst remaining in the safety and controlled learning environment of the classroom.

FrancisKodak Design Lab have conceived a unique solution to interactive training and, through an entirely collaborative approach, working with the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), Transport for London (TfL), and ourselves have brought to fruition an astonishingly innovative package that is set to change how training is delivered for years to come.

I am proud to have been involved with Francis from the start of this project.  His enthusiasm and passion for road safety, his dedication to the concept, and his willingness to listen and learn, then incorporate the acquired knowledge, has enabled him to produce a World-leading product."

Safety Training – including Virtual Reality learning

The objective of Safe Urban Driving course is to improve appropriate driver knowledge, skills and attitude to operate safely on urban roads through specific training for the urban environment (including on-road experience from a cyclist’s perspective).

Driving is one of the most dangerous work activities and is compounded further with a growing population, many of which are vulnerable road users.
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