Meet requirements save money and time.

Our sophisticated software, combined with road traffic safety expertise, creates an unparalleled learning experience whilst helping you to save money and meet with requirements.

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Simplified Driver Training

FrancisKodak is a design and innovation consultancy that has innovation, human-centred design and a passion for road safety as part of its DNA.

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer cutting-edge technologies and exciting products to companies - fleet operators, training providers, freelancers -  that they couldn’t create or would cost too much to develop.

Designed to simplify driver training, the smartphone app allows the driver to effortlessly experience the virtual reality content, whilst helping them to understand road hazards from a different perspective.

aNET360 - platform for innovation

It’s a platform that can help you to create unique, exciting and innovative training while providing you with everything you need to help your drivers to improve their skills.

While ANET360 takes advantage of the latest technology, using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to enhance the learning experience, it’s more than just a clever piece of software.

Simple. Straightforward. Efficient

ANET360 simplifies the entire driver training process, from registration to surveying people, to analysing results.