Designing a training that people enjoy.

Designing a training that people enjoy - really.

Few companies actually see sustained benefits from training their employees. In fact, only a quarter of respondents to a McKinsey survey said their training programs measurably improved business performance.

We are different. We want our training to make a mark, for people to go away excited about what they’ve seen, and also confident they can apply what they’ve learnt on the roads.

As a family business, we are very passionate about what we do, which is why we wanted to make sure our training is informative engaging and enjoyable. That’s the idea behind our Take our Another Set of Eyes (ANET360) training workshops for drivers, which helps teach them how to be safe on the roads.

This safe urban driving training uses innovative technology such as virtual reality. It gives the training a unique and memorable quality while providing the details that participants need to think about how they could make the roads safer for everyone.

How does the workshop work?

We held the first-ever workshop on 23rd January 2019 at fleet operator FM Conway’s headquarters in Sevenoaks, England, and it was a real success (check out the learner comments later in the article!)

We took our time to get it right and make sure our training would be truly useful – we built ANET360 in less than eight months after a four-year research and development phase.As part of our dedication to making sure our training has a real impact on learners, we decided to take an approach to our workshops that combines innovative technological solutions such as virtual reality with traditional training methods. Below are the main methods we use:

- A smartphone application
- Virtual Reality headset
- Booklets and workbooks
- Method cards
- PowerPoint presentations

Our smartphone application is a great example of our commitment to finding new and innovative ways to really transform the safety of our roads. Learners use 4K, 360-degree videos to really immerse themselves in real-world scenarios.

We don’t just want our training to be theory, we want it to be practical too.

But we’re not just about technology (although that is a crucial aspect for us). One of our most important training materials is The Another Set of Eyes booklet.

This booklet was designed and developed together with Transport for London (it’s very important to get their input), and covers topics such as Vision Zero Principles, Driving Without Awareness or Minimum Required Attention.

Our method cards use what is a really exciting emerging learning format: peer-to-peer learning, where training participants help and learn from each other.
We ask our learners their opinion on a given topic. They then input the answer into our smartphone app and share their knowledge with less experienced drivers.

What are the workshop’s goals?

One of the main barriers to accessing training that we’ve come across is that it takes too much time and costs too much. After all, if a company doesn’t believe the training will have much impact, why would they send their drivers to complete it?

That’s a key problem that we want to address. As our training is hands on and uses the latest technology (VR really is the future!), it reduces driving training time and costs. The less time drivers spend training, the more time they can spend on the road.

VR has so many uses – it also helps us train drivers who cannot cycle as we can simulate what they would experience on the road as a cyclist. One other drawback of training drivers is that bad weather (which is very common in the UK) can play havoc with planned courses. Not so with our training.

We enable drivers to train at any time, anywhere, even in bad weather by delivering the training in a classroom.

What makes this workshop unique?

We’ve already mentioned it (just a bit!), but we’re really proud of the virtual reality aspect of ANET360. This course provides the ultimate level of immersion by creating a sense of physical presence in real and imagined scenarios. We believe this a real game changer.

- To create the VR environments used in this course, we recorded 360-degree videos that we then cut into 2.5 minutes long virtual reality experiences,

- Each video shows participants different scenarios that might take place on the road. We also used storyboards to help us to plan scenarios that we wanted to film in real life. We then recorded more than six hours of video in 5.7K in 360 degrees with the help of a professional driver and an HGV provided by FM Conway which we are really grateful!

We want to make these scenarios as accurate and useful as possible, so we decided on them in collaboration with managers at Transport for London.
So we really went the extra mile (no pun intended!)

But that’s not the only aspect that makes our course unique.

It complies with the high standards set out by the Mayor of London in his Vision Zero approach to reducing danger on the roads.

These include:

- Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS)
- Work Related Road Risk (WRRR), which is a freight safety initiative aligned

What benefits does the workshop deliver?

We all learn in different ways and at different speeds, so it was important for us to deliver a workshop that everyone could benefit from. That’s why we use an implicit training method, which is more long-lasting than normal training as what the drivers have learnt does not fade over time. As we use a range of learning materials from the latest technology to more traditional methods, ANET360 can really help participants to learn complex information unconsciously and gain concrete knowledge through the process.

Our smartphone application and our advanced analytics system can also provide transport professionals a chance to learn more about their drivers. This means companies can tie ROI back to the training.

Oh, and if all that isn’t enough, our learners loved the course, and felt like they got a lot out of it!

Here is just a sample of the feedback we got from drivers who participated in our first workshop:

"Great to use smartphones for answering questions, simple yet engaging for the learner"
"Method cards - very clear and easy to understand"
"Everyone was drawn into the VR videos"
"VR is very easy to use and educational"
"I think the booklet stands on its own and I would like to give it to my drivers to read at their leisure"
"Excellent course - very engaging!"

Virtual reality will bring new and unlimited possibilities for the way we work, learn, and play that will vastly expand our idea of what is possible. It plays an integral part in the way we deliver our training course and has the potential to significantly impact the way the drivers who take our course learn and interact with cyclists on the road.

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4th of March, 2019.

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