A driver training platform like no other.

Unmissable road safety training for professional drivers.


Reinvent Driver Training

ANET360 brings all services/tools you need to deliver successful training together


ANET360’s sophisticated system makes creating training easy.

You can add learners, send automated reminders or joining instructions - all from the touch of a few buttons.


With our award-winning training methodology, you can deliver immersive, engaging training with ease.

Our smartphone-based training tools combine the latest technologies such as VR with traditional training methods


Our system collects, integrates, analyses and presents raw data from different sources, such as the smartphone app or the virtual reality experience, to collate insightful and actionable business information.

Keep your data secure

We protect your data as if it were our own.

We ensure customers’ data security requirements and expectations are met or exceeded.

ANET360 - Complete solution

ANET360 active learning technology helps trainers
engage students before, during and after training

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Before Training

We offer a sophisticated event management system to manage every aspect of your training in a centralised place.


At The beginning

Digitalised driver identification system to ensure that the people attending the training are who they claim to be.


During Training

Virtual Reality and gamification are used for driver-user engagement and to help students improve their skills.


After Training

A smartphone-based quiz and post-workshop evaluation form measure what students learned during the day.